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      Every one thronged round her, and she felt her hand pressed, and sometimes her lips, in a kind of whirl; but through it all she was conscious of Traffords nearness, and the words, My husband, were singing in her heart.Now catch hold of the reins and sit on quietly, said Simon, and remember Im ridin beside you, miss, and Ive got you covered. He clicked the lock of his revolver significantly.


      I am very sorry, he said in a low voice; and the trite, commonplace words seemed altogether inadequate.

      Lady Ada and Esmeralda seated themselves on a lounge within view of the room, and Esmeralda looked openly at the exquisite woman beside her. Not only openly, but with frank admiration. Lady Ada bore the inspection with languid serenity. The girl was a savage, and her gaucheries must be endured, if she, Lady Ada, were to fulfill her promise, and help Trafford to obtain this two millions. She saw, without looking, that Esmeralda was perfectly dressed, and that her beauty was more marked in its freshness and unconventionality even than it had been when Ada had last seen her. This made her task all the harder, and her heart swelled with bitterness as she leaned back in graceful ease, looking as if she were interested only in the crowd about her. At last she spoke.

      Do you mean to say that she is not charming? She looks delightful. Think of that face and two millions of money! What a prize she will be! I wonder who the lucky man will be?

      Two millions! echoed Trafford, grimly.


      Lady Wyndover watched him in something like awed silence; the careless, light-hearted boy suddenly loomed before hera man; and a man of resources, a man to be relied upon.


      Thats a promise, he said, eagerly. Not that you are ever likely to be, he added, almost in a tone of regret.


      Of course it will not, my dear; it is simply perfect. Take it off, and put on the othersI am dying to see them! Oh, what a treasure Cerise is!All was finished. Neither Church nor law could do anything more towards making the lovers man and wife. The law might undo the bond for them in the time to come, but the part of the Church was done for ever. In the eye of the Church their union was indissoluble.