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      Yes, said Johnson. It must be something to do with her, or you wouldnt find Varley Howard moving at this rate. She came out with my coach six weeks ago or thereabouts. We was put up by the Dogs Ear men, and Varley saved us.The fight was nearly over when Varley reached the coach, and his reappearance put the finishing touch to it. Two of[279] the Dogs Ear men lay stretched upon the ground; the Three Star men, breathless and perspiring, were gathered round them; the passengers were huddled together in a heap and trying to realize that this was the end of the nineteenth century; Johnson and the guard were coolly soothing and rubbing down the horses as if this little affair were quite in the ordinary way of business.

      The five talked of the wedding. Just to think! 'Twas barely a month ago, they said.

      The open carriage spun round the battery's right and up its front to where a knot of comrades hid the prostrate Charlie; the surgeon, Kincaid, and Flora crouching at his side, the citizen from the balcony still protecting grandmamma, and the gilded eagle of the unpresented standard hovering over all. With tender ease Hilary lifted the sufferer and laid him on the carriage's front seat, the surgeon passed Madame in and sat next to her, but to Kincaid Flora exclaimed with a glow of heroic distress:

      Trafford again made a gesture, half of entreaty, half of defiance.

      I have something of hers I want to restore to her, she said, with a little laugh. I borrowed some ribbons and things from her a little while ago, and this must have been[230] among them. I did not notice it until I got to my own room. It is an old letter; I dont suppose it is of any importanceI havent read it, of coursebut she may like to have it back.

      Esmeralda smiled.


      I dont know, she said, with her hands pressed closely together. I tell everybody she is here, but she is not. I suppose youve heard something, she added, timidly.



      The country at last!Trafford took her down to the stables on the morning after her arrival, and Esmeralda went from stall to stall, loose box to loose box, and was introduced to each horse in turn; and was so fearless and full of admiration and delight that she won the heart of the head groom, who waxed eloquent about her when she and Trafford had gone off to see the House Farm.